CMS Afternoon Dismissal Policies


With more than 1,000 students and 100 plus staff members, safety is our number one concern at Central Middle School. We continually review our practices ensuring that we maintain as safe an environment as possible before, during, and after school. Dismissal of students at the end of the day is a time of major concern; therefore, we regulate how students leave our campus.

Car Riders
Prior to the release of our students, many parents choose to wait in line after picking up elementary age siblings. During their wait, it has been the practice of many parents to allow siblings to play in the front of the school. On Thursday, February 18, 2018, a child ran in front of a bus that was exiting our campus after picking up students behind the school. Fortunately, the driver was able to avoid the child and no one was injured. Because of the potential for injury to the children while playing, we will no longer allow them to play outside of the vehicles. ALL CHILDREN MUST REMAIN IN THE CAR. Also, we ask that students be informed about their plans for after-school transportation when they arrive at school. They will not have access to their technology until they are in their cars. We also require that the students move to a position on the curb adjacent to their car and wait for the "crossover" command by school personnel before leaving the safety of the curb to enter their car.

Only students who have a parent employed at CES are allowed to walk to the elementary school. The CES employees' children have completed a parental permission form, allowing them to walk directly to their parents each afternoon. 

Cars Waiting on CMS Release

For security reasons, the restrooms in the office are not available to people waiting for student dismissal. If necessary, we will have Officer Smith open the restrooms adjacent to the gym from 3:10-3:20 to accommodate emergency restroom situations.