CMS Honors Chorus

Choral Director

Smith, Scott
Students at Central Middle School have several opportunities to participate in honor choruses held at the state, district, and county level. 
Students audition with Dr. Smith for district and county level honor choruses, and at the state level students go through two rigorous auditions in front of two judges. Students who perform at these honor chorus events show the utmost lion pride and exhibit  outstanding character. 

Men's Honor Chorus

Congratulation and job well done to several men of the Sound of Pride Chorus for representing at this years Only Men Aloud Honor Chorus held at Baylor School in Chattanooga, TN - Jackson Brandenburg, Parker Ferguson, Jonathan Nobles, Harrison Prince, Benjamin Smith, and Pearce Thurman. These students spent all morning and half the afternoon on October 19th working and refining their musical craft on never seen before music with Dr. William Powell of Auburn University. The performance was nothing more than glorious! ❤🎶
Men's Honor Chorus

2019 Honor Chorus

Honors Chorus